Inglaterra 2012 Intercambio

Hudson Army
Hudson over The Big Ben
If you don’t know me you can call me
Last one standing
London calling to the faraway towns
Protect the houses
Shackespeare in love
The amazing race
Togeather is better
Truco everywhere
Where to go now
Windsor castle’s edge
Give way saint bartholomews is coming

No matter the way, we’ll always be together
Ningún atleta es coronado sin sudor
Just Cunninghame Graham
For none shall divide, these houses allied
Flying to London
Can’t believe it!
A visit to Shakespeare’s house
A crucial moment
A colourful friendship
A cloudy afternoon in Stratford
Every moment I spent there is a moment I treasure
Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean
Worldwide passion
Left my eye in London
I’m at a payphone trying to call home
Time, the reason we’re back
UK glance
En la cresta de la ola
CSB save the queen
Two passion together, forever.
London joy
London nap
Where am I?
Where’s Ironbridge.
School Rocks

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