Hogar de la Caridad Campaign

Pearson Longman invited us to take part in “The Value of Caring” Campaign. When we started working with our project, we wanted to make sure that we would be helping a local charity that was in real need. So, we decided to help “Hogar de la Caridad”, a home for adolescents and adults with disabilities founded 10 years ago.

They needed many things so we started a campaign to collect clothes, non-perishable food and toiletries. We put up posters and visited all the classrooms in our school, inviting everybody to participate.

‘Sports Day’ was also a great opportunity to encourage the whole school to give us a hand. Soon, we were filling up boxes and bags with lots of donations.

We marvelled at how many people were willing to help: students and teachers in kindergarten, primary and secondary school. The whole school community had something to give!

The final count was amazing! It had definitely exceeded our expectations and cars were not enough so we had to hire a truck to deliver all the donations.

Four of us were chosen to visit the home where we were greeted with lots of love and thankful hugs.

1st year students

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